The company JABLUM Czech s.r.o. is a purely Czech company. For lovers of quality coffee, we roast coffee from all over the world under our brands BANUA, Coffee club and JABLUM. It could simply be said that we deal with everything related to coffee - the import of green coffee, roasting coffee, the sale of automatic and professional coffee machines, the service of coffee machines and experiential and baristic coffee courses. Coffee is our passion, we will be happy to share this coffee joy with you.


Coffee center in Prague

JABLUM Czech s.r.o. - The Coffee Center
Sezemická 2757/2 - budova A1 (show the map >>)
193 00 Praha 20, Czech Republic
Opening hours (Monday - Friday) 9:00 - 17:00

Coffee Centre in Mladá Boleslav

JABLUM Czech s.r.o. - The Coffee Center
Bezděčín 113  (show the map >>)
29301 Mladá Boleslav, Czech republic
Opening hours (Monday - Friday) 8:00 - 16:00

We recommend making an appointment in advance.

Coffee Centre in Liberec

JABLUM Czech s.r.o. - The Coffee Center
Andělská cesta 617/7 (show the map >>)
46001 Liberec 1, Czech republic
Opening hours (Monday - Friday) 8:00 - 16:00

We recommend making an appointment in advance.

Call Center

Telefon :  +420 774 671 474
E-mail :

Invoicing information

JABLUM Czech s.r.o.
Boleslavská 1095, Bakov nad Jizerou
29401, Czech Republic

ID 27954412, Tax ID CZ27954412

Tel.: +420 312 312 077
Tel.: +420 312 312 088

Bank account:
Účet: 216536576 / 0300 (ČSOB)
IBAN: CZ9203000000000216536576

International payments in EUR:
IBAN: DE33855901004557588308

JABLUM Czech s.r.o. is registered with a registration
number C 129113 with the Registration Court in Prague.

About us

Alena Nývltová Almost 15 years ago Alena got her first coffee maker for Christmas from her husband. And coffee immediately charmed her so much that she, together with her husband, founded JABLUM, and they have been helping people make their coffee dreams come true ever since. +420 604 514 642
Petr Nývlt Shhh… Petr is having a rest after a hard day. +420 603 432 573
Lenka Matoušová Tirelessly and patiently, Lenka answers your questions on the phone, and processes your orders. She’s also heart and soul of the staff with her excellent sense of humor. And she’s also invaluable help during our trips abroad, with her language skills. +420 774 671 474
Sylvie Janíčková You wouldn’t believe the amount of information she remembers about every single service order and coffee maker. She’s in charge of our service organization, and also takes care of the logistics of coffee orders on the Czech and Slovak market. +420 731 653 344
Pavel Duchoslav Pavel can’t imagine his day without coffee. His responsibility is the acquisition of new customers. Those whom he cares about say he lives on coffee, literally – never missing a chance to present a new interesting taste. +420 602 457 368
Michael Duchoslav Michael returns life back to non-functional coffee makers Jura and Nivona. There’s no damage he, the technician, couldn’t repair. He loves espresso, modern technology, and tasting of interesting coffee. +420 733 133 621
Jiří Fajmon Jirka has reinforced Liberec service team, which ensures flawless repairs of your coffee machine. Jirka likes traveling, he gained work experience abroad . He likes cycling and skiing out in the country. He belongs to milk coffee lovers. +420 733 133 621
Kamila Jedličková Kamila is in charge of smooth production of coffee in our roasting plants. She is also responsible for tasting sessions and selection of new varieties, and for negotiations with our farmers. She’s greatly supported by her newborn daughter Zoe. +420 733 534 679
Jitka Miková We’ve got four big roasting plants but sometimes it takes all their power to keep pace with Jitka at work. Always smiling and friendly, she manages the roasting so your coffee reaches you as soon as possible, in perfect conditions. +420 723 944 608
Jan Knot Jan loves diverse work. And, in his own words, he’s a healer of coffee makers. He’s specialized in professional automatic machines. And, by the way, he loves to drink excellent coffee, and takes excellent pictures. +420 733 188 838
Petr Boháč If there’s someone in the world who knows automatic coffee makers down to the latest screw, it’s Petr. He would probably be able to assemble a coffee maker blindfolded. In our Prague service center, he’s your man to guarantee you will never lose the opportunity to make a perfect cup of coffee. +420 733 188 838
Vašek Jedlička Vašek is a reliable mainstay of our Prague service center. He says there’s no reason why old coffee makers shouldn’t do good job in making excellent coffee, and his repairs prove him true. He likes to listen to classic hard rock. +420 733 188 838
Petra Janků Petra takes care of our accounting records, taxes, deadlines and numerous forms required by these days. She can’t imagine the beginning of her working day without a cup of coffee with delicious milk froth. +420 312 312 099
Petra Menclová Petra is a big easy-going perfectionist. She’s often seen in our chemical lab, examining the coffee down to the tiniest details. She likes to take pictures, so you can often see her at work with her camera strap on her neck. +420 778 039 070
Alfréd Hawle Fredy lives in Brno, and as such he loves excellent coffee. He’s in charge of training courses for baristas in cafés, barista presentation, coffee-making training courses and latte art shows. His passion for coffee is highly contagious. +420 732 598 628